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momentum campaign

Introducing our brand new 'Momentum' campaign, to drive female participation in women's football in the 23/24 season and beyond. In partnership with Leah Williamson, we are pledging a series of initiatives throughout the season to create an inclusive, accessible place for girls and women to play and enjoy football.

Enquire now if you are interested in participating in the initiatives listed below. All are dependent on availability.

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A group of friends watch the Women's World Cup at TOCA Social


We have allocated a set number of boxes for women to watch and enjoy the World Cup in an exceptional space! We want to enhance the experience by creating a fantastic atmosphere for fans.
A woman plays TOCA Social games


Every Wednesday at 7-8pm, we are offering a designated hour each week exclusively for women to play for free. This applies to all walk-in bookings made by women during this hour.
A young girl plays the TOCA Social games during the summer holidays


We will have 2 boxes available throughout the school holidays to provide young girls an opportunity to play in a fun and well-resourced environment. Available every Monday-Wednesday between 9am-12pm during the school holidays, 24th July-1st September. These slots must be booked using the enquiry form above.