It’s not hard to have a fantastic night at TOCA Social. Follow the simple steps below and it is bound to be an awesome visit.

TOCA Social has a selection of five games, to please both football lovers and haters alike. With a range of levels for each game, it is accessible for players of all abilities, even those who have never kicked a ball before.

Choose to play on the level that works for you: beginner, intermediate or advanced. If there are more than six of you, you can pair up on the pitch.


A great intro for any beginner, simply hit the screen anywhere and start scoring:

- Hit the targets to earn points
- Each hit increases the value for that area
- Avoid disabled targets


Splitting the atom has never been so easy… In this game the smaller atoms are worth more, so get splitting!

- Hit the atoms to split them apart
- Smaller atoms are worth more points
- Supercharged atoms cause a chain reaction


Eliminate opponents by knocking down their defence or hit your own target to build it up. Be the last one standing to win!

- Hit opponents to remove sections
- Hit yours to build it back up
- Take too long and the crusher will remove a section from everyone at the end of each round.

Hit the targets in every level to progress and avoid the danger zone. how long will you survive?

- Can you complete all 15 levels?
- 1 ball per level
- Hit the target or its game over



Kill zombies to gain more time and last for as long as possible. Most zombies killed wins!

- Hit zombies to increase the timer
- Hit the yellow zom-bombie to blow up the zombies around it for a huge time boost.
- Balls will travel through zombies and hit those behind them.

how to play?
how to play?
how to play?