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Eat, Drink
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TOCA Social is the world’s first interactive football and dining experience, combining immersive gaming and world class food and drink.

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Woman kicking a football at TOCA SocialPeople eating hotdogs and tacos at TOCA Social

Book a private box or two to play all of our games. Each box accommodates 12 players. Or just walk-in to enjoy our fantastic food and drinks, as well as foosball tables, arcades, selfie booths and more.

If you need to move dates or cancel for a full refund, this is easily done ahead of time with a quick call or email.


Designed for both football lovers and haters alike, whether you can kick a ball or not.


A modern Americana-inspired menu that will leave you wanting more.

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TOCA Social caters for events of all shape and sizes, from corporate nights to hen dos.

A group of people walking through the entrance at TOCA Social


From £12 Per Person

Off-peak runs Mon-Thu, whilst Peak is Fri-Sun. Please note, prices may differ between venues and at certain times of year.