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Outside Of The

At TOCA Social, the fun doesn't stop when the games do. There is plenty more on offer, giving you a reason to grab a drink and hang around for a while.


Whether you turn up in flipflops, high heels or barefoot (!?), we’ve got you covered with our boots! Don’t worry, they are far nicer than the smelly old pair from the bowling alley.


No luck with a real football? Give table football a try! We’ve got a number of tables dotted around the venue. But remember, NO SPINNING!


We are guessing you haven’t heard of this one before. But we can promise you that it will be a game changer. Pull up a chair and ask one of our teammates to show you how to play. Remember to get a drink, as you are bound to get hooked!

Arcade Games

If you’ve had no luck kicking balls, or even table football, maybe stick to the arcades! There are a number dotted around the venue, with football based games.


The perfect opportunity to capture a great night at TOCA Social. Cram in with a group of mates and let the pictures fly!


From £12 Per Person

Off-peak runs Mon-Thu, whilst Peak is Fri-Sun. Please note, prices may differ between venues and at certain times of year.